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FlashCards Videos

FlashCards v2.0 Overview

  1. FlashCards Promo Video (3.5 minutes)
    Get the highlights of FlashCards for webOS. Same video as seen in the App Catalog.
  2. FlashCards Overview (8 minutes)
    Get a good introduction to FlashCards for webOS with this 8 minute video.
  3. FlashCards Overview (18 minutes)
    A complete overview of the features and capabilities of FlashCards for webOS.

FlashCards v2.0 How To

  1. Download Flash Card Data
    Downloading data to your device is easy, and this shows how you can do it.
  2. Create Flash Cards on Device
    You can create your flash cards in many way, this shows you to to do it on your phone.
  3. FlashCards Preferences
    With over 16 preferences, you had to know this was coming.

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